Building Asia With UOB: Vachamon - Creating Greater Financial Connectivity

2021-11-16 16:03:30



      Vachamon is Thailand’s leading provider of fresh, and fresh-cut fruit, supplying a wide range of healthy and premium fruit to consumers, food service and the catering retail market.  What started as a family-run vegetable seed business in 1992 has since grown to an import business, and now, an online retailer. As part of its continuing efforts to evolve and diversify its business model, Vachamon has embarked on the digitalisation of its business processes, granting both management and staff an overview of products and shipments at any one time.  This has helped them move beyond the traditional wholesale model, to one with greater financial connectivity.  This also meant they were able to not just maintain, but improve on their operations, even during the supply disruptions that came about during the pandemic. This shift came about through UOB’s Smart Business Transformation programme, and a recognition of how important financial connectivity was to Vachamon’s business across both geographies, and through technology, with the UOB BizSmart solution. Watch the full episode to see how UOB and Vachamon are harnessing the power of digitalisation to bring fresh produce from all over the world to even more consumers and businesses.

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